Special Edition / Quick proportional bow thruster, the latest in a wide range

Quick BT DC-AC bow thrusters offer many advantages. Proportionality of power, modularity, ease of installation and low consumption... They are part of the Italian manufacturer's wide range of equipment.

A proportional bow thruster

The latest addition to the Quick range, the BT DC-AC proportional thrusters provide a new service to the yachtsman. "This allows for a smoother and more precise manoeuvre in the boat's positioning," explains Hugo Ferlay, product manager for Quick's importer in France, VDM Reya.

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Comfort and energy efficiency

The use and technology of Quick's BT DC-AC electric motors have economic and comfort advantages for the yachtsman. Brushless motors are quieter than coal motors. The proportional use of power reduces power consumption by 20 to 30% compared to a traditional thruster, allowing a longer battery life. It also prevents the engine from heating up, allowing full power operation for up to 20 minutes.

Robustness, ease of maintenance and installation

Quick proportional bow thrusters are equipped with a brushless motor, thus avoiding the problems of wear and tear on the coals and limiting maintenance. All thrusters are bench-tested at the factory to validate their maximum power and comply with the Quick quality charter.

A plug and play system, with a thruster, a controller and a specific joystick, allows for quick installation by a marine technician. Brushless thrusters allow integration with the new generation of motor control joystick and Chart Plotter.

Installation of Quick multiple thrusters and windlasses

3 models of proportional thrusters and a wide range

Quick BT DC-AC thrusters are available in 3 sizes:

  • diameter 185 mm for a maximum thrust of 105 kgF
  • diameter 250 mm for a maximum thrust of 140 kgF
  • diameter 300 mm for a maximum thrust of 300 kgF

To complete the on-board equipment, Quick also offers a range of conventional electric or hydraulic thrusters from 110 mm to 513 mm in diameter, windlasses, capstans, deck winches and comfort equipment such as the stabilizer gyroscope, lighting and the latest QNN box to gather all the information and control all the equipment on the same control screen.