3 new nautical training courses at INB

Training in boating professions at INB

The INB is opening 3 new training courses for boating professions in September 2019 and is strengthening its apprenticeship and work-study offer.

New nautical courses at INB

The INB nautical training centre will issue new titles and diplomas from the beginning of the 2019 academic year. Two new courses are open to students and professionals undergoing retraining.

The INB has obtained the accreditation from the Federation of Nautical Industries for the CQP (Certiticat de Qualification Professionnelle) for Boat Permit Training. A collaboration has been set up with Eric Bretagne who until now proposed this CQP for future instructors of boat schools within Nautic Training Concept. The latter will provide the pedagogical content for the INB. 4 sessions are planned for 2019/2020.

Nautical training for sailing instructors is evolving. There are now 2 different patents depending on the type of navigation envisaged. The BPJEPS Cruise is delivered to people wishing to supervise future yachtsmen in a habitable sailboat, while the BPJEPS Voile Multisupport is intended for teaching light sailing. Additional certificates will allow the holders of each of the diplomas to remain multi-skilled and teach the other activity, in order to maintain a higher level of employability.

Development of learning

The INB is anticipating the reform of vocational training and the emphasis on apprenticeship. The institute opens its technical-commercial course in water sports to apprentices on a work-study basis.

The CQP Nautical Mechanic also evolves. Already open to professionalization contracts, it will also be accessible to jobseekers undergoing retraining from the start of the 2019 academic year, doubling the number of employees in a sector where the labour market is under severe pressure.

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