Sailsense, the Spinlock sensor for monitoring sail ageing

Spinlock Sailsense sensor to record the operating history of a boat sail

Spinlock received a DAME Award in the electronics category for its Sailsense sensor. An innovative tool for master sailmakers and yachtsmen to follow the evolution of sails throughout their lives.

A sensor to record the history of boat sails

The yachting equipment manufacturer Spinlock was rewarded at the last METS Trade international trade fair for its Sailsense innovation. This sensor, sewn onto the sails of boats near the listening point, records the environmental parameters experienced during sailing. It measures UV exposure and accelerations to know the time of use and faseyement. All data is retrieved through an electronic application. The sensor switches on when it detects movement. An internal, non-replaceable battery ensures 5 years of operation in conventional use.

Objectively study the ageing of sails

With Sailsense, the yachtsman builds a precise history of the use of the sails of his boat. Through a detailed study of materials, sail making methods and the effects of UV and movement, the University of Southampton has developed with Spinlock a quantified measure of the sail's health status. The evolution of the parameter makes it possible to anticipate the risks of damage and the need to replace the boat's wardrobe.

A tool for fleet management and insurance

Available for new sails and retrofits, Sailsense is aimed at both boaters and professionals. Spinlock has developed tracking and inventory systems for charter and superyacht fleet managers, providing information to sailboats and insurers.

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