Couach relaunches its presence in the small unit market

The Couach 1100

The Couach site installed on the Arcachon basin produces superyachts longer than 20 m and custom projects. In 2018, the manufacturer decided to redevelop an old market, the dayboat market of less than 20 m.

Luxury and military

The Couach shipyard - based in Gujan-Mestras - has specialized in the field of superyachts under 50 m long "This is the maximum size for which we can still use the composite" explains Camille Pinel, Marketing Communication Manager & Business Assistant. Another of its activities consists of producing professional boats (interception boats, surveillance patrol boats, sea rescue boats, etc.) - such as 17-metre interceptors for Saudi Arabia - via its subsidiary Plascoa

Until the 2000s, the Arcachonese manufacturer produced small units, from 5.5 to 10 m in length. A market segment that the sales management decided to stop for the yachting part, but to continue for the military market, with units from 11 to 50 m

"For the past ten years, we have no longer produced boats shorter than 10 m. It was a will of the management" explains Camille Pinel.

Couach 4400 Fly

A return to the roots

At Cannes, on the pontoons, the manufacturer launched three new products of 11, 13 and 15 m. A desire on the part of the yard to return to small units and a know-how preserved by Couach through the production of military units, whose hulls have been reused to produce these models intended for pleasure craft.

This choice is also explained by market demand, but also by the site's customers and prospects "With the change of direction in 2016, we realized that there was a real market for this type of unit. We have the know-how and it is also a way for us to build customer loyalty, by making them evolve in size. With these more affordable units, we allow our customers to start on small units and work their way up to larger units. We are developing the purchase" explains Camille Pinel.

The 1300 interceptor

Three models, three uses

These units of less than 20 m therefore form the new Mediterannean range, which completes the range of over 20 m.

There are three models - dayboats from 11 to 15 m - each with a different program:

1100 This 11 m sports dayboat was designed for the Arcachon basin at the request of a customer who wanted an outboard model with a shallow draft.

1300 This 13-metre model, which is still under construction, is more innovative than its two "brothers" with folding bulwarks. Wider, it retains the outboard motorization of the 11 m and the habitability of the 15 m and emphasizes the exterior.

1500 : This 15 m long habitable model is ideal for a short cruise. Its elegant lines are powered by an inboard engine, making it a small yacht.