Refit of yachts, the Spaniards always more settled in La Ciotat

Shipyards of La Ciotat

The Catalan refit and maintenance specialist for MB92 yachts strengthens its position in La Ciotat. Takeover of Blohm+Voss and project for a 4000 tonne lift, the shipyard invests in the Bouches-du-Rhône over the long term.

Takeover of Blohm+Voss

The Spanish shipyard Marina Barcelona 92 (MB92) has announced the signing of an agreement with the German group Lürssen to acquire its 51% stake in Blohm+Voss La Ciotat. The Barcelona-based industrialist, who was associated with Blohm+Voss for the management of the Grande Forme de La Ciotat, becomes its exclusive operator. Cooperation between the two groups should continue through infrastructure sharing.

Merger with Compositeworks

MB92 had already made the news of the refit market by taking control of the Compositeworks shipyard in November 2017, present in La Ciotat and La Rochelle. The company will now merge with Blohm+Voss La Ciotat to create a new entity, integrating all current employees. The process will be supervised by MB92 headquarters in Barcelona. The Blohm+Voss La Ciotat brand will disappear before the end of September 2018.

Concentration and investments in yacht refitting in France

The ecosystem of the great French yachting is in full boiling. While successive buyouts in La Ciotat and La Rochelle have limited the number of players and internationalized capital, investments continue and whet appetites. The project of a 4000 ton boat lift in La Ciotat, planned for 2021, interests MB92, but also other actors. Monaco Marine has announced that it has been selected for a 6000 ton lift in Marseille, dedicated to gigayachts.