Nau modular catamarans in judicial liquidation

Nau modular catamaran

End of part for the Nau modular catamaran project. Its founder Louis Cottin explains to BoatIndustry the reasons that led to the liquidation of the company.

Judicial liquidation

Nau, a manufacturer of beach catamarans, went into receivership on 18 May 2018. Founded by Louis Cottin, the company's objective was to develop an innovative product that could easily assemble 5 supports from one boat and two rotomoulded floats. The yachtsman could, according to his needs, take advantage of a tender, a dinghy, a motor catamaran, a beginner sailing catamaran with seats, or a more powerful sailing catamaran with trampolines. If there is no buyer, the tools should be sold at auction by September. Potential buyers have already shown interest. "What is certain is that we will not let the mould go at the price of aluminium," says Nau's founder. The company should also dispose of its stock of boats, masts and accessories.

A problem of time

Louis Cottin explains the failure of Nau's start-up by a problem of time and market analysis. "On the catamaran market for sailing schools, there is a big competition. On the last tenders, we won in terms of price but we were not recognized enough. It would have taken 5 years to become known, with a budget to make boats available. The process with major accounts like Club Med was underway, but here again, it takes time. As for the particular boaters who could have allowed us to get through this critical phase, the target of Nau users is not a clientele that buys. She prefers renting. When it comes to purchasing, it will either prefer the simplicity of the inflatable, or it will choose more performance-oriented catamarans."

A beautiful experience

Louis Cottin does not regret the experience and intends to use it in his future position in the start-up K-ryole, which is developing an intelligent bicycle trailer. "I preferred to stop before I left any debts. There's no slate and I'm glad I developed a boat that works, even though I didn't know anything about it in the beginning. It also taught me a lot about business management, which I could reuse in my new job."

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