Smart Boat: Garmin buys EmpirBus and double Raymarine

Raymarine multifunction interface using EmpirBus technologies

Garmin has announced the acquisition of the Swedish company Trigentic and its embedded control brand EmpirBus. After Navico and Yacht Defined, a new episode in the repositioning of heavy duty marine electronics on the smart boat.

A specialist in embedded systems

On 20 February 2018, marine electronics specialist Garmin announced the acquisition of the Swedish company Trigentic. Known for its EmpirBus brand, the company produces complete on-board equipment and software solutions for intelligent boat control. Its digital switches are used as original equipment on many units and allow control of all types of on-board equipment, from power generation to bilge pumps and televisions.

EmpirBus switch

Mutual interest

Cliff Pemble, Garmin's CEO, sees this acquisition as a way to expand his brand's offering. "The acquisition of Trigentic will enable Garmin to serve the marine and recreational vehicle sectors more fully as OEM with complete suites of multi-function displays, components and with the structure that enables digital control and intelligent boat services

Magnus Jirhem, director of Trigentic sees it as a tool for expanding his company. "We are confident that Garmin can extend the reach of our products and innovate in new digital switch technologies for marine and recreational vehicles. "

Garmin follows Navico and double Raymarine

Garmin's announcement of the acquisition of Trigentic follows closely that of acquisition of Yacht Defined by Navico . This is further proof of the interest of heavy duty marine electronics for the connected and intelligent boat. The quality of sonars and displays is no longer sufficient, as manufacturers have understood. It should be noted that before its acquisition, Trigentic worked with Raymarine as an exclusive partner. The latter is probably the loser in this transaction.

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