Toyota launches hybrid motor boat

The Ponam-28V, Toyota hybrid model

Toyota doesn't just make cars. Indeed, the Japanese manufacturer also produces motor boats - the Ponam,"sports utility cruiser" intended for pleasure boating, fishing and water sports, but sold only in Japan. Also known for its hybrid car models, the Japanese now attacks the hybrid boat.

Toyota Corporation continues to develop its range of motor boats (only sold in Japan). The Ponam range (31,35) is composed of"Sports Utility Cruiser", i.e. motor boats for pleasure boating, water sports and fishing. And it's about to welcome a new model - hybrid this time. It must be said that Toyota has a great deal of experience in this technology in the automotive sector.

This hybrid model named"Ponam-28V" is presented by its manufacturer as Japan's first hybrid pleasure craft. Three models will be rented to the Tokyo authorities for the maintenance of the quays and port facilities of the port of Tokyo. The boat will also be used as transportation along the waterfront and Tokyo Bay to the venues of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The Ponam-28V will also be used by Tokyo residents and visitors to move around the port.

This hybrid system will combine a 3L 256 HP internal combustion engine and a 48 HP zero emission electric motor with an 11 kWh battery capacity. " Navigation in electric mode ensures low emissions, high fuel efficiency and low noise levels, says Toyota.

The electric motor will start up for port inputs and outputs or for channel crossings to significantly reduce noise.

With this loan, Toyota will conduct a hybrid boat feasibility study from July 2018 to March 2021. The government will provide operational boat data to Toyota to validate the overall performance of the hybrid system and verify the practicality and improvements of a hybrid boat.

Engine Emissions[cc] 2,982
Maximum Output[kW(PS)/r.p.m.] 191(260)/3,600
Electric Motor

Maximum Output[kW] 36
Maximum Torque[N?m] 350
Drive Battery
(Lithium-ion Battery)
Voltage[V] 304
Capacity[Ah] 40
Total Battery Capacity[kWh] 11
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