Nautitech Bavaria, Rochefort wants to keep its nautical flagship

Shipyard Nautitech

The Rochefort area has proposed a new site and a new factory to the Nautitech Bavaria catamaran yard. Location, space and architecture, local authorities are putting everything in place to preserve the flagship of their boating industry.

A site become too small

Catamaran manufacturer in Rochefort since 1994, Nautitech has been an important economic player in the agglomeration for many years. Driven by a rapidly developing multihull sector, the company is growing at double figures and delivers between 60 and 70 boats per year. The premises, enlarged several times, have now reached their maximum size on the current site.

An opportunity on the commercial port

The local authorities are currently working on the reorganisation of the Rochefort - Tonnay-Charente commercial port. A mixed union has been set up for its development and promotion. A budget of 50 million is planned over 15 years. It is in this framework that the agglomeration of Rochefort wished to propose to Nautitech Bavaria a possibility of removal on a ground of 24 000 m² on the port.

Doubling capacity

The community has carried out studies with the help of an architect and is proposing a 12,600 m² factory project to the catamaran specialist. Surface area and optimized production flow management solution should enable Bavaria to double its production to 150 boats per year. The dockside location would facilitate deliveries of large units, whose market is exploding.

Structuring the sector

For the public authorities, this proposal is part of an approach to structuring the sector, which includes other players in Rochefort, such as Soromap or AG+ Spar. Work is under way at metropolitan pole level, jointly with La Rochelle and Niort, on the nautical sector. The new plant would be an asset for the employment pool as it could have up to 350 employees.

Step 2 in progress

According to Olivier Trégret, in charge of the project at Rochefort Océan, the reception at Nautitech Bavaria was rather positive because the offer responds to needs expressed during previous exchanges. A second stage of reflection is under way.

Nautitech does not yet wish to react on the subject, even if there is a strong bet that it does not leave indifferent.