Nimitech, from aeronautics to water sports.

Albatros drawn by Jean-Marie Finot

Nimitech takes over the production of the sailboat Albatros designed by Jean-Marie Finot. The composite parts specialist wants to apply its high-tech production methods to boating, to develop a viable economic model.

Resumption of Albatross production

Begun in 2011 with a prototype, the adventure of the Albatros project, a 4.20m ballasted sports sailing boat designed by the Finot group, continued with production boats from 2013. The production, ensured by Sora Composites, had ceased since, the company being placed in legal redress.

The Finot group has now reached an agreement with Nimitech, a specialist in composite parts for the aeronautics and space industries based in Bagnères de Bigorre and Bayonne. The company will produce the Albatros from 2017.

Bring new construction processes

Created in 2010, Nimitech has set itself the objective of developing production solutions to manufacture composite parts in France at competitive prices, thanks to R&D. To this end, it works on research projects involving new materials, automation and optimization of draping operations. The objective is to ensure good repeatability and to limit the labour rate.

Nimitech now wishes to transpose its working methods to the nautical field, in a sector used to more traditional processes. "We were the only company in France to meet Finot's specifications for the Albatros. We are not competitors, but we are complementary to the players in the boating market," says Michel Niquet, one of Nimitech's two managers.


Nimitech's choice of water sports is part of its diversification policy. The company has already produced appendices for various boats designed by the Finot group. It is also open to renewable energies and medical.

New production unit

Nimitech invests for the Albatross. A new building should open in Bayonne dedicated to the production of sailboat hulls. Specific tools were purchased. Within a year, the boat should be distributed by Nimitech, which for the moment relies on the Tous sur l'eau network, set up by Jean Marie Finot.

Towards a new Albatross...

The construction of the Albatros is based on the existing model with Nimitech's own production method. The company is already working with the Finot group on developments, particularly towards recyclable thermoplastics.

Capable of making composite hulls from 4 to 6 meters, Nimitech intends to continue its activity in the nautical sector through partnership approaches with professionals in the sector. The Bayonne site seems destined for a bright future!

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