End of the legal saga between Hudson Yachts and Gunboat

Gunboat 57

The dispute between Gunboat International and Hudson Yachts is settled. Good news for the Gunboat brand, taken over by Grand Large Yachting in the spring, which sees the opening of a French page.

Subcontracting disputes

Gunboat International, a US-based specialist in luxury carbon catamarans, had signed a subcontract with Hudson Yachts & Marine (HYM). The largest Gunboat models were made in the Chinese HYM yard in Xiamen.

Dissatisfied with the services, the American shipyard sued its subcontractor before the American court of Rhode Island for refusal to pay warranty on defective parts and not delivery, for a total of 10 million euros. He then accused him of having launched the competing brand HH Catamarans, designed in California in collaboration with the Morrelli and Melvin design team and produced in China.

Out-of-court settlement

In a press release, HH Catamarans announced that an amicable agreement had been reached with Gunboat International. The company indicates that both parties worked and discussed in good faith to resolve outstanding issues during this difficult period. Gunboat International, now a subsidiary of Grand Large Yachting, wished Hudson Yachts & Marine Industries every success with its new HH Catamarans range...

The agreement, the content of which remains confidential, has yet to be approved by the US bankruptcy management institution.

French production?

While the production page in China of the Gunboats is definitively turned, a question remains open since the takeover of the American catamaran brand by Grand Large Yachting. Will the group, which also owns overseas, produce Gunboats in France? The choice of this organisation, which was discussed on 16 August at the Gunboat site, was not yet final during our last exchanges with the company.

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