Sunbrella supplies more than textiles on the Lagoon Seventy 7

Sunbrella Collection on the Lagoon Seventy7

Textile supplier Sunbrella takes a new step in partnership with Lagoon. He takes part in interior design work and designs fabrics for and with the site...

An experiment started on the Lagoon 560

The first collaboration between Sunbrella and Lagoon was born for the catamaran Lagoon 560 Imagine in September 2015. Sunbrella, one of the world leaders in the outdoor textile sector, has created a new"stylistic signature" in association with the Bénéteau Group catamaran yard. A special edition was created with specific fabrics, including the fender sock.

Sketch of Fly Lagoon 560 Imagine

Collaboration and exclusivity on the Lagoon Seventy7

Sunbrella has been involved in defining textile atmospheres since the design of Lagoon's new flagship. The design office has designed three atmospheres based on its fabrics to dress the catamaran's interior and exterior spaces, according to the owner's tastes. The advice is based on Sunbrella's aesthetic and technical know-how in saddlery.

The cushions, sheets and hangings of the model on display at Cannes were the first to be produced in the new fusion range, which Sunbrella was to present to textile professionals at the Milan show.

Lagoon Seventy7

Breaking Boating Codes

The objective of Sunbrella's approach in its association with the yard is to show all the possibilities offered by its plethoric catalogue of fabrics. The brand wishes to break the usual nautical codes by offering new colours and new materials, little present in a rather conservative environment. The idea is to bring the interior of a boat closer to that of a house, in order to attract a new clientele.

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