Zodiac, launches tests directly by owners for customers


Zodiac recruits owners to try their boats directly. An innovative commercial approach, representative of the brand's new policy.

Put owners and future buyers in touch

The Bordeaux start-up Demooz specialises in bringing together equipment owners and potential buyers so that they can test the equipment. Zodiac Nautic has decided to award itself its services for the promotion of its boats, tenders and semi-rigid. These outings will be an opportunity for customers to benefit from objective feedback and an exchange different from that possible with a dealer.

15 boats for the summer

The recruitment of Zodiac's volunteer owners, ambassadors, is carried out by Demooz. After an online questionnaire summary, the identified candidates undergo a mini-interview. Carried out over 10 days, the recruitment campaign aims to select 15 ambassadors spread across the French coast.

Demooz then puts clients and ambassadors in contact for a full-scale test.

Rewards for Ambassadors

Owners are compensated according to the number of tests performed. The awards range from polo to a visit to the Toulouse factory, accompanied by an invitation to the brand's events at the Nautic 2016.

A complement to the dealer network

The Zodiac - Demooz operation comes for the brand as a complement to the distribution network and not as a replacement. Moreover, dealers will eventually be able to register on the test booking platform.

Connecting individuals is particularly fashionable. "For Sébastien Grimaud, marketing manager at Zodiac Nautic,"The target of 15 boats for the summer is realistic.

A customer contact strategy

The Demooz operation is in line with Zodiac's new strategy, which has been in place since the takeover. The brand wishes to establish direct contacts with users, whereas up until now it had relied more on its network. To do this, it is also launching an owner's club with a dedicated application offering exclusive benefits and sales.

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