Vripack, virtual reality for cheaper boats

The naval architecture firm Vripack presents its virtual reality tool. Time and money saved, construction made easier, the advantages are there.

Walking around the model

The tool used by Vripack required a year of research and development. It is based on a studio equipped with Oculus Rift technology. It now allows Vripack architects, designers and designers, but also customers to virtually wander around the boat in design.

Architectural and conceptual gain

Virtual reality allows Vripack teams to technically validate the architectural framework of the ship. Heights, volumes and working spaces are tested in real size. The next step envisaged is the validation of assembly or piping via this tool.

"After 12 months of R&D, we are now validating entire installation, maintenance and accessibility sequences," explains Bart Bouwhuis, artistic director of Vripack.

Economic gain

Virtual reality development is part of a 6-year Vripack program to reduce construction times by at least 25%. Mr. Bouwhuis says that current projects will save 20% of time.

"After years and years of slow improvements, recent developments in virtual reality are exponential and allow us to use this tool for our design reviews instead of mock-ups, prototypes or pre-fabrication. Thus, the price and loss of time associated with this are totally eliminated. That's part of the story," Bouwhuis said.