Goļot: Launch of the new sports sliding bay

Goļot sport sliding window

The sports range inaugurates Goļot's new sliding window concept. With a variety of finishes and locking in any position, it is attacking the open catamaran market.

The result of Goļot's new industrial policy

Taken over in August 2014 by Aluminium Ferri, a company specialising in aluminium hardware, Goļot has since begun a policy of redefining its products. The objective of Jacques Leblais, president of the Nantes-based company, is to develop customers by creating new products, building on existing ones. The sliding window market was for the time being divided between extremely simple basic products and tailor-made stainless steel openings for superyachts. The sports bays are positioned between the two with a wide choice of finishes, at a limited cost.

A light weight and many finishes

Made entirely of aluminium, the sliding sports windows guarantee the lightness required for high-performance sailing boats.

Available in lacquered finish as standard, aluminium joinery can benefit from Al*Bright technology. Using a specially developed aluminium alloy, a brushing and polishing procedure developed by the parent company Aluminium Ferri produces an ultra-shiny finish close to the appearance of stainless steel, with a significantly lower weight. The technology has already conquered projects such as STX in Saint-Nazaire for the layout of its liners or Dufour for the layout of bathrooms.

Cabinet in Al*Bright finish
Cleat in Al*Bright finish

Central locking in any position

Goļot is also innovating on this product by proposing a mechanism allowing with a single control point to lock the door in the open position, whatever the level of opening. It becomes easier to manage the aeration of the square.

Measured prices

According to Goļot Jacques Leblais, the model in lacquered finish is at a lower price level than the market thanks to the synergy with Aluminium Ferri, which allows economies of scale on the purchase of raw materials. The Al*Bright finish offers the same finish as stainless steel at a reduced cost.

A good commercial start

Presented on a Nautitech 46 Open at the 2016 Grande Motte Multihull Show, the product is a real hit. Goļot obtained a new export order and numerous tracks for the sports range.