Navigational titles: new administrative adaptations in the face of coronaviruses

Maritime Administration Extends Shipping Titles in the Face of Health Crisis

Professional sailors and their boats have national and international certificates. After a first salvo in March 2020, Maritime Affairs has taken new exceptional administrative measures to facilitate the resumption of navigation within the rules after the coronavirus crisis and to absorb the influx of applications.

Further Extension of Marine Patents and Shipping Titles

In order to avoid the cessation of commercial shipping and to facilitate the resumption of commercial boating activities, the Maritime Affairs Directorate had announced the following march 22, 2020 the extension to a date of 3 months after the end of the state of health emergency of a series of permits and administrative certificates required for professional navigation, whether commercial or pleasure boating.

The duration of the crisis and its consequences led the administration to extend the deadline granted by a decree dated 28 April 2020. It is now 6 months after the end of the state of health emergency, in order to allow for the numerous requests and training sessions that will be necessary for everyone to be in order. The institution retains the right to shorten the deadline in accordance with the evolution of the health and administrative context.

Non-exhaustive list of documents concerned

  • the titles and certificates of French vessels, including the navigation permit
  • certificates of competency and certificates of aptitude
  • visas for recognition of a maritime vocational training qualification issued by the French authorities
  • certificates of recognition of professional qualifications in fisheries and marine cultures
  • certificates of maritime vocational training issued by an approved maritime vocational training organisation
  • approvals of maritime vocational training organisations
  • medical certificates of competency issued to seafarers
  • Security Management Certification (ISM), Safety Certification (ISPS) and Social Certification (MLC and ILO188) are also maintained