Coronavirus: what are the administrative consequences for professional yachting?

Maritime administration revises its rules to adapt to the health crisis

Professional sailors and their boats have national and international certificates. Maritime Affairs has taken exceptional administrative measures to allow a proper resumption of activity after the coronavirus crisis.

Expired marine patents and navigational certificates

Professional navigation, whether commercial or pleasure boating, is regulated by the obtaining of various national and international administrative permits and authorisations. These licences and certificates are of limited duration and must be renewed at regular intervals in order to continue to exercise one's profession. The coronavirus-related health crisis is preventing the proper conduct of ship inspections and the training required for these renewals. In order to prevent the cessation of commercial shipping and to facilitate the resumption of activities for professional yachting, the Directorate of Maritime Affairs announced a series of administrative measures on 22 March 2020. These are "consistent with the international provisions recommended and decided by the IMO".

Extension of navigational licences and seafarers' certificates

Maritime Affairs has announced the extension to a date three months after the end of the health emergency of a series of permits and administrative certificates including :

  • the titles and certificates of French vessels, including the navigation permit
  • certificates of competence and certificates of fitness
  • visas for recognition of a maritime vocational training qualification issued by the French authorities
  • certificates of recognition of professional qualifications in fisheries and marine cultures
  • certificates of maritime vocational training issued by an approved maritime vocational training organisation
  • approvals of maritime vocational training organisations
  • medical certificates of competency issued to seafarers

Security Management Certification (ISM), Safety Certification (ISPS) and Social Certification (MLC and ILO188) are also maintained.