Highfield, a partner in offshore racing: a passionate approach with a marketing approach

Vendée Globe Challenge, Route du Rhum, The Transat, Brest Atlantiques, the Voiles de Saint-Tropez Highfield semi-rigid boats are firing on all fronts to ensure the safety of the water plans during the start and finish of sailing races. What are the interests for this brand of semi-rigid boats?

Heirs to the Australian Swift brand, Highfield RIBs claim to be the result of many years of study and testing in some of the world's harshest tropical climatic conditions. Built around an aluminium hull, Highfield RIBs are designed to be as close as possible to the user.

Passion and a showcase for know-how

The creators and managers of Highfield are first and foremost sailors: " In the company, there is a real spirit of the sea, particularly sailing, since Yves Brintet, co-founder of the brand and distributor for France, has been sailing around the Atlantic for 2 years with his family "says Brice Larivot, head of communications. « A large part of the team comes from the world of sailing in general, we love the sea and boats and we consider that Highfield should be closer to the world of the sea as a whole. »

PArtenariat Highfield

Highfield's approach has been to use its capacity to produce semi-rigid vehicles to help race organisers by providing specific resources

In the same way as a public contract, these assistance boats (loaned to the organisation) must meet fairly strict specifications: speed, robustness and equipment. The aim being to preserve the integrity of the sailors and their high-tech sailing boats in the limited sailing area. Once the race is over, these boats are put on the market to be sold in limited series. It regularly happens that distributors take them away from each other, as they are often better equipped.

Partenariats Highfield

« It is also a marketing approach that allows us to present our boats to the general public and to professionals of the sea, such as racing sailors, who are likely to use our boats as part of their professional team activity. It's an excellent way to prove that our boats are built to sail in all conditions, that they are strong, easy to handle and ready to sail, whatever the weather, sea state.. »

« The advantage of offering an aluminium hull, in addition to the inherent qualities of the material such as weight, is that no moulds are used to make the boats. It is therefore easy to adapt a deck plan or hull shape to meet a specific demand ", recalls Brice Larivot.

« All the more so since aluminium offers many qualities: robustness, ease of repair and versatility with exceptional durability, not to mention the fact that, like all metals, aluminium is non-porous and recyclable. ", concludes Brice.

Partenariats Highfield

Be flexible and efficient

Thus, thanks to its flexible means of production (the boats are built in a factory in China managed by a European team, the fittings and finishes are carried out on the Brest side), Highfield claims to be in a position to respond as well as possible to customer demands.

All these points have enabled and are enabling Highfield to adapt or develop specific boats.

Partenariats Highfield

On-demand achievements

For example, Highfield is a partner of Stéphane Mifsud, the world's multi-recordman freediver. Successive owner of several semi-rigids exploited within the framework of his freediving initiation and improvement activity, Stéphane was attracted by the hull and the possibilities of hull fitting. Since then Highfield has provided Stéphane with a unit according to his prescriptions and recommendations.

It is the same for the sport fishing activity, with his neighbour Fiiish from Brest, the meeting was easy. Highfield has entrusted the lure manufacturer with a boat made to measure to be tested, with in return, thanks to feedback from use and experience, the possibility of developing a range of sport fishing (currently under development).

For professionals of the sea, Highfield is also able to offer boats that meet the specific requirements of cargo vessels according to division 222 for rescue, easements or other purposes.

Anecdotally, the only Mediterranean race with which Highfield is present: Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez, will be the opportunity to present a range of semi-rigid boats equipped for the "Big Blue" comfort version of navigation, a major project for 2020.

Highfield is in a process of long-term support and promotion since the race partnerships have been renewed. This aggressive manufacturer does not intend to stop there..