Boat hire: 1st international buyout for Click and Boat

Click and Boat Takes Control of Scansail

The French start-up Click and Boat acquires a boat rental agency in Germany. Edouard Gorioux, co-founder, explains the synergies and the growth strategy of the charter company to reach more and more boaters.

Click&Boat buys German Scansail

The French rental company Click&Boat announced on March 11, 2020 the acquisition of its German competitor Scansail. The young French company founded in 2013 by Edouard Gorioux and Jérémy Bismuth takes control of the German company, a historic national player created in 1983 and based in Hamburg. This is Click&Boat's fourth external growth operation and its first on an international scale, following the successive acquisitions of Sailsharing, Captain'Flit and Océans Evasion. It announces that it has passed the 200,000 reservation milestone and offers more than 33,000 boats for charter. The transaction also confirms Click&Boat's interest in physical rental agencies, which complement the brand's initial digital offer. "The company, which is incorporated under German law and has its headquarters in Hamburg, will be retained, with the team in place. The Scansail brand will be retained," says Edouard Gorioux.

Combining a strong brand in yachting and digital know-how

The co-founder of Click&Boat sees clear synergies between Scansail and the French platform. "There is know-how in digital acquisition at Click&Boat. Scansail and its 35 years of experience bring a knowledge of the customers, their support, the boats with 4000 professional units in reference. They have an expertise in destinations and a very well known brand in Germany. It was the perfect "match"!"

More boaters in Germany and beyond

With the acquisition of Scansail, Click&Boat is demonstrating its commitment to international growth. The digital platform wants to develop its presence in the world. "Germany is the 3rd European market for boat rental after France and Italy. It is experiencing strong growth. We already have a strong presence in the day charter market and with Scansail we are going to reach out to the sailing boat and catamaran public who know the brand very well. More broadly, we want to continue to consolidate a market that is very fragmented, through other acquisitions in the months and years to come," concludes Edouard Gorioux.

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