Alubat, a new CEO with expertise in aluminium construction and experience in offshore navigation

Following the retirement of Christian Picard in January 2020, the Alubat shipyard has found a new General Manager in the person of Hakim Hahmoun, who has been at the head of the Olbia shipyard until today.

Since 1974, ALUBAT has been building all-aluminium yachts. Keelboats then integral dinghies, recognizable by their chine hulls that the brand claims as its concept. These yachts are particularly suitable for long distance cruising.

Hakim Rahmoun à la tête d'Alubat
Christian Picard is retiring.

The rebirth of Alubat

In 2014, after a few setbacks, 14 Vende-based industrialists who love sailing and long voyages, represented by Michel Barson, took over the Sables-d'Olonne shipyard and put Christian Picard in charge of the general management. With more than 25 years of experience in boating and navigation, this one rejuvenates the range while perpetuating the historical values of the yard and relaunches the yard. In January 2020, he retires.

Hakim Rahmoun joins the sandy shipyard. Hakim Rahmoun, who is in his early fifties, has a long experience in steel and aluminium shipbuilding and has worked in all areas of shipbuilding.

? I am particularly enthusiastic to take over from Christian Picard, he has streamlined and renewed the range, Alubat produces better and cheaper ", says Hakim Rahmou. ? In the first instance, maintaining the company's momentum will be my priority. Then I will validate a strategy with the 14 shareholders. I have my own ideas. The Boot in Dsseldorf (editor's note: January 18-26, 2020) will be the beginning of my adventure with Alubat. ?

Hakim Rahmoun à la tête d'Alubat
Hakim Rahmoun now in charge of Alubat

A family inspired by Alubat

An adventure that is all the more dear to his heart since his father Larbi, himself a steel and aluminium boat builder (now deceased), was an unconditional fan of Alubat's constructions. At his father's side, Hakim began his career in sailing at a very early age by learning how to sail and then motor sail, before continuing in 2000 by taking over the Olbia shipyard in Hyres. This shipyard is specialized since 1988 in hull fittings, refit and saddlery. Like his father, Hakim directs the Olbia yard towards steel and wood construction and avoids polyester.

The New World of Olbia

In 2014, Hakim decided to set up the yard in the Arcachon basin and launched the New World, a thick aluminium sailboat designed for ocean cruising. After this first 9-metre model, the range is to be expanded with an 11-metre. It is precisely through these models that he gets closer to Alubat.

? The artisanal structure of the Olbia shipyard does not allow an efficient production, I tried to get closer to more industrial shipyards able to ensure an adapted and less expensive production ?. Logically Alubat is contacted. ? It was during a meeting with Christian Picard that he told me about his upcoming retirement. But we can't find any possible connection with Olbia to produce the New World. The priority of the 14 shareholders is to recruit a Managing Director, not to diversify the site's production. ?

A history of men

Christian and Hakim remain in contact and finally Hakim is proposed to the shareholders to take over the leadership of the Alubat shipyard as Managing Director.

? For 3 years, the Alubat shipyard has been showing positive results, the Ovni 400 is selling well and the work done by Christian is remarkable. My role will be to maintain this momentum "says Hakim. The choice of the 14 shareholders is for Hakim a true recognition of its expertise, validated by a stake in Alubat's capital.

Hakim Rahmoun à la tête d'Alubat
The Ovni 400, new 2019 from the Alubat shipyard

What suite for the Olbia yard?

As for the future of the Olbia shipyard, Hakim and its financial partner do not wish to continue and imagine a closure of the structure. Still, the New World has its clientele and it would be a shame not to prolong this adventure. The future will probably tell us more..

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