Lowrance: Disappearance of the creator of sonar for pleasure craft

Darrell Lowrance, inventor of the recreational fishing sonar

Darrell Lowrance, the founder of the homonymous brand of marine electronics, has passed away. A look back at the career of an inventor who revolutionized boating and fishing with the 1st sonar for recreational boats.

Disappearance of Darrell Lowrance

The founder of the famous marine electronics brand Lowrance, Darrell Lowrance, died following a heart attack on Saturday, March 16, 2019. He founded the company in 1957 in Missouri and ran it continuously until 2006, when it was acquired by Simrad Yachting. The transaction, valued at $215 million, gave rise to the Navico group, which has become a heavyweight in marine electronics and also owns the B&G and C-Map brands.

The Fish-Lo-K-Tor

Inventor of the 1st sonar for recreational fishing

Darrell Lowrance revolutionized boating in the 1960s by developing the first sonar for recreational navigation. He said he had the idea for this invention during a flight over a lake in the 1950s. The water was clear and he could easily distinguish schools of fish. He then wondered if the sonars developed to detect submarines could not also work to detect schools of fish. The first sonar for recreational fishing was born under the name Fish-Lo-K-Tor. Under his direction, Lowrance then developed the first graphic recorder and the first integrated sonar-GPS handset. Recognized by the recreational fishing community, he gave his brand a special place in the sector.

Leif Ottoson, CEO of Navico, owner of the Lowrance brand, greeted the founder's memory. "Darrell's passion for fishing, innovative design and his commitment to leading the marine electronics industry forward has led to innovative ideas and products that have shaped the fishing experience of millions of people around the world over the past 60 years."

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