Nautical RDV: A session on end-of-life boats and regulations

Abandoned pleasure craft wreck

The Rendez-vous du Nautisme de Lorient are interested in end-of-life pleasure boats, the new regulations establishing the recycling sector and the procedures for the destitution of property. Meeting scheduled for February 26, 2019.

An event dedicated to the recycling of recreational boats

The next session of the Rendez-vous du Nautisme de Lorient will be devoted to the issue of end-of-life pleasure craft (BPHU) and their recycling. The event will focus in particular on the implementation of the REP (Extended Producer Responsibility) sector, which was officially launched on 1 January 2019 and requires boating manufacturers to participate in the recycling of end-of-life boats. A zoom will also be made on the procedure for destitution of property, allowing professionals to get rid of wrecks abandoned by negligent boaters. The guest of this meeting will be Guillaume Arnauld of the Lions, in charge of these environmental and legal issues within the Federation of the Nautical Industries. For a first overview of the main issues of the EPR sector managed by APER, you can find the interview of Guillaume Arnauld of the Lions in our columns.

Practical information at Pro&Mer

The Rendez-vous du Nautisme dedicated to boats at the end of their life will be held on 26 February 2019. It is organised by Audélor, the economic development agency of the Pays de Lorient and the association of nautical professionals of the Pays de Lorient, as part of its monthly meetings. They are open to all stakeholders in the boating industry, including non-members. Registration is done on the Audélor website, which hosts the meeting at its offices at 12 avenue de la Perrière in Lorient.

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