The eco-organization for ship dismantling operational in 2019

Pleasure boat to be deconstructed reports on the progress made in setting up the dismantling sector for end-of-life pleasure craft. 2019 calendar, modalities and future developments

APER soon to become an accredited eco-organization

Several decrees were published in 2018 paving the way for the establishment of the extended producer responsibility (EPR) system for the deconstruction of end-of-life pleasure craft (BPHU). They provide for the organisation of the process around an approved eco-organisation, in charge of collecting contributions from organisations selling boats in France. APER, the Association pour la Plaisance Eco-Responsable, created at the initiative of the Fédération des Industries Nautiques (FIN) for voluntary deconstruction in the 2000s, should be approved by the end of January 2019, said Guillaume Arnauld of the Lions, in charge of the project at the FIN during the 2018 Nautic. " The decrees are signed. All that is missing is the publication of the specifications for approval. For its part, APER has already validated everything in the Board of Directors and General Assembly: its 2019 budget, the eco-contribution scale and the specifications of the call for tenders for deconstruction. Date: 22/01/2019

A call for tenders from recycling specialists

The next step for APER is the selection of operators specialised in waste management and their recovery to deconstruct boats on all sides of the French coast. Already published, the specifications of this private call for tenders have been sent to enable the successful candidates to be selected as soon as possible. " The specifications are 50 pages long where technical aspects predominate over the price note. These are departmental batches. The objective is for the sector to be operational in April 2019. "says Guillaume Arnauld of the Lions.

An evolving eco-contribution scale

The first scale of the eco-contribution paid by the issuers on the market to APER for all their new boats sold has been set for 2019 and 2020. " It is a fixed scale by size and type of boat: sail or motor, number of hulls... At the end of the second year in 2020, it is planned to introduce an eco-modulation focusing on the type of manufacturing, the material... To this end, we will resume the work we launched in 2008-2010 on a tool for analysing the life cycle of boats. "explains Guillaume Arnauld of the Lions.

Raise awareness among boaters and small stakeholders in the boating industry

While the major yachting manufacturers are informed of the implementation of the REP sector, this is not the case for all yachting professionals. " We must now go and get them to join APER. It's free, they only pay the eco-contribution corresponding to the sale of boats. We provide them with a guide to deconstruction. Date: 22/01/2019

Boater awareness work also began at Nautic 2018. The APER website is online explaining the future steps to have your boat deconstructed free of charge (excluding transport costs).