Special Edition / Profurl, electric furlers to fit all sailboats

Profurl NDE2 electric reels

Specialist in forward furling for 30 years, Profurl has revised its range to better meet the needs of the yachting market. Prices, electric motors, ease of installation on new or old sailboats... The nautical equipment manufacturer worked on all aspects.

An electric furler for the current sailboat market

Profurl has more than 30 years of experience in the field of genoa furling systems for pleasure yachts. Its range with electric motor has evolved with the market, from ED models to NDEs. In 2017, the equipment manufacturer launched a third generation of electric furling systems called NDE2 for sailboats from 11 to 22m. With this new offer, Profurl offers products adapted to the current sailing fleet and to today's yachtsmen. Boats, of an increasing average size, led by ever smaller crews, in families or in pairs, have led to an increasing demand for real assistance in the furling of sails.

Profurl electric reel NDE2 C480 to C600

Awards and design

The NDE2 reels are distinguished from their predecessors by Profurl's work on price and design. By adopting industry-standard multi-engine technology on the small NDE2 C350, C420 and C 430 reefing systems for 11 to 16 m sailboats, the manufacturer was able to offer a more economical price.

On the large models, an optimisation of the engine has been carried out as well as a relooking to adapt to the designs of modern sailboats.

From an economic point of view, and at comparable size, the rate reduction reaches 30% for some models.

Performance, safety and ease of use

The choice of an appropriate motorization allows boaters to manoeuvre the sails easily, quickly and repeatedly. A self-locking mechanism, similar to a brake, prevents the genoa from unwinding unintentionally.

Delivered with a wired remote control, an optional radio control can also facilitate the use of the reel.

For optimum safety, the Profurl furling systems of the NDE2 range are equipped with an emergency system that allows the sail to be furled manually with a standard crank handle taken from the block at the bottom of the forestay.

The Amel 50 is equipped with Profurl NDE2 electric reels

A reel that is easy to install in the first assembly and retrofit

To facilitate assembly and adapt to all types of forestay anchorage, NDE2 reels are available in different mounting configurations: on slats for small models and on base tube for larger ones. The price shown includes all the equipment (fixings, relay box, circuit breaker).

In addition to the first fitting, which has attracted shipyards such as Amel, CNB or Privilège Marine, the NDE2 reels are also aimed at the second fitting. Profurl offers in particular a motorization kit, allowing to electrify a manual reel of the brand. By keeping the swivel and the existing ducts, the installer can offer the yachtsman an economical retrofit solution for his sailboat.

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