Special Edition / Bi-Sportline: A rigid bimini for small motor boats

Bi-Sportline NVequipment © Tony Guillou

NVequipment launches the Bi-Sportline range. Aesthetics, versatility and customization... The Vendée specialist in exterior protection brings a new level of comfort to small motorboats.

An American-style rigid bimini for motor boats

As a major player in the European yachting awning and bimini market, NVequipment closely follows the evolution of the sector worldwide. By launching its new rigid Bi-Sportline range, it wishes to anticipate its changes. "It is a product that is very present in the United States. It is estimated that the classic European-style bimini will disappear in favour of the rigid one. NVequipment has a role to play in this evolution. It provides a product with much more coverage for a good protection of the yachtsman" summarizes Clément Gaudin, market manager at NVequipment.

Bi-Sportline NVequipment (Credit: Tony Guillou)

Versatile protection for semi-rigid and small open boats

The Bi-Sportline has been designed to fit all boats with a centre console, whether semi-rigid or open hull. The 4 foot pads are fixed to the deck, while stabilizers on the console ensure maximum rigidity. "The aim is to create a product that is strong, rigid and safe to use as a handrail. The design of the roof has been thought to be sporty and aerodynamic" explains Clément Gaudin.

Bi-Sportline NVequipment (Credit: Tony Guillou)

For its launch, the Bi-Sportline range is available in 2 sizes. The roof area of the first one corresponds to boats less than 7 meters, while the second one covers units from 7 to 9 meters long.

Bi-Sportline NVequipment (Credit: Tony Guillou)

Customizable biminis

The structure of the Bi-Sportline delivered in 2019 is made of stainless steel. An aluminium range is planned for the Nautic 2020, with a reflection on the lacquering and colours. "We will be able to bring novelty by hitting our core target with the aluminium, while offering a double offer with the stainless steel in order to reach a very large customer target", Clément Gaudin explains.

The basic offer can be supplemented with options, like the rest of NVequipment products. These include stand-alone LED lighting, windscreens and protective cheeks, shade covers or cane holders. The customer can choose the fabric of the bimini top from the Sunbrella by NV colour chart.

NVequipment rod holders

The Bi-Sportline range is also a starting point to develop with shipyards rigid biminis adapted to their OEM needs.