Special Edition / NodusFactory : Custom-made textile fittings for all those involved in the nautical industry

Harken Pulley Adapter by Nodus Factory

Shipyard, sailmaker, rigger, offshore racing team... In addition to its standard range, NodusFactory develops custom-made textile fittings solutions with many yachting and nautical professionals.

Textile know-how applied to all aspects of boating

Since its creation in 2015, Nodus Factory has developed a recognized technical know-how in textile applications for fittings. The company has built up a comprehensive catalogue of standard textile fittings products and invests heavily in innovation. "Research and development represents 300,000 euros each year at NodusFactory" insists Yves Laurant, founder of the company, which offers products for all sectors of the boating industry and beyond, whether it be deck fittings, sailmakers, but also alternative means of lifting boats to straps or accessories for oyster farming! Beyond the catalogue offer, NodusFactory relies on custom-made products to develop its activity.

Tailor-made deck fittings for boats in first assembly

Each boat has its specificities. NodusFactory works with all the players in the chain, from the yachtsman to the builder. Since 2017, NodusFactory has been working with pleasure boat builders to adapt to their needs. "This first fitting on target products is made to measure with specifications set by the shipyard. Products from the catalogue are adapted specifically to their needs in terms of resistance, geometry or installation method. For example, we work with Tofinou, J Composites or Gunboat" illustrates Yves Laurant.

Demand is also coming from boaters. "We then work on behalf of the customer who asks the shipyard to be able to install specific products from our catalogue on his new boat. We adapt it according to the technical constraints of the shipyard for many brands of sailing boats, from JPK to Bénéteau, including Pogo, Allures and RM", explains Yves Laurant.

Working with sailboats, riggers and skippers

When it is not directly solicited for a specific boat, the company works for the equipment manufacturers. NodusFactory has developed specific products for many sailmakers, from Elvstrom to Incidences, including North Sails, OneSails and Delta Voiles. "We adapt to their manufacturing techniques while still being able to supply large volumes" says Yves Laurant. Co-development projects with traditional riggers such as Ronstan, Nautos or Ubi Maior are also underway. "This is interesting for R&D. We can develop textile shackles with specific weaves, for example," illustrates the founder of NodusFactory.

The textile outfitter also works with ocean racing skippers in numerous classes, from the Figaro to the Vendée Globe. "Preparers and sailors are interested in our Bureau Veritas-certified products," stresses Yves Laurant.