What development strategy for the Dream Boat Club?

The Dream Boat Club accelerates its growth

Dream Yacht Charter, the world leader in boat rental, has announced the acceleration of the development of its boat club offer. BoatIndustry asked its president Loïc Bonnet about the group's objectives, technical aspects and strategy in this developing sector.

Takeovers of Boat Club de France and partnership with Zodiac

Launched discreetly in July 2018 with 3 Mediterranean bases, Dream Yacht Charter's boat club activity is undergoing a serious acceleration. The group, the world leader in the traditional boat rental segment, simultaneously announced the acquisition of the Boat Club de France founded by Bruno Voisard, a partnership with Zodiac Nautic to equip the fleet with semi-rigid boats and the launch of the Dream Boat Club on the American market. To manage this latest development, the company recruited David Aldrich, who had previously worked for Freedom Boat Club and Bénéteau USA.

Construction of the Dream Boat Club network

As it has done in the classic charter market, the Dream Yacht group has ambitions for rapid growth in the boat club sector. " The objective for a season is to increase from a few dozen bases to a few hundred for year 2 and then a few thousand " says Loïc Bonnet, the founder of Dream Yacht Charter. " Within 2 years, we will have boat clubs in all Dream Yacht rental bases. Natural development is carried out through the Zodiac network's dealers, but also through boat rental companies and boating service businesses. " says Loïc Bonnet, the founder of Dream Yacht Charter. "

A franchisee network

The Dream Boat Club's growth is based on the franchise model. The base owner signs a contract with Dream Yacht which provides him with POS and marketing assistance. For the management of contracts with boaters, the group will rely on the technology developed by the recently acquired Samboat internet rental platform. A framework is set with the franchisees, imposing a fleet of boats dedicated to boat clubs, with brands and models imposed with their technical specifications. The mix is about 75% semi-rigid and 25% rigid hull motor boats. " The bases choose their boats from the Zodiac range, the Jeanneau Cap Camarat and Merry Fisher and the Bénéteau Flyers, with defined specifications. The options are those used by the yachtsman and for maintenance. We provide assistance, charge the franchisee to sell the Dream Boat Club offer. "explains Loïc Bonnet.

Urban targeting

The user of the boat club is finally quite sedentary. It is therefore necessary to position the bases close to its usual place of navigation. " The exchange system between the bases is a plus, but first you join to go boating near home. That is why the seaside agglomeration is a good target. The Mediterranean coast in France, Spain and Italy, with its urban network, is very relevant. "confirms Loïc Bonnet.

Which model for the Boat Club voile?

Dream Boat Club is for the moment exclusively dedicated to motor boats. Is sailing part of the development axes? " There's no reason we shouldn't do it, but not right now. "answers Loïc Bonnet. That still raises a lot of questions. In particular, do you need only one boat club or two separate ones with gangways? Between charter companies like Dream Yacht and builders like Bénéteau, everyone still has to find their own business model.