Fenwick:"The Solé Diesel engines correspond to what we were doing with Yanmar."

Fenwick takes over the distribution of Solé Diesel marine engines

Fenwick has announced that it will take over the distribution of Solé Diesel marine engines, after losing that of the Japanese brand Yanmar. Alain Moineau, marine manager, explains this choice and the future strategy.

Fenwick becomes distributor of Solé Diesel marine engines

The Fenwick group has announced that it has signed an exclusive distribution agreement for Solé Diesel marine engines in France. The family company, created in 1862 and active in marine motorization since 1947, will ensure the sale to its local agents and boat builders throughout France.

Inboard engines, generators and shaft lines

Solé Diesel was founded in 1912 by Enrique Solé Jorba in Martorell, near Barcelona. It manufactures a complete range of marine engineering products. Its inboard engines, from 16 to 272 HP and its generators from 6.6 to 96 kW at 50 Hz and 60 Hz are marinated in its Catalan workshops on the basis of Mitsubishi, Deutz or Kubota blocks. "We were well established in sailing boats with engines from 14 to 100 HP with Yanmar. Solé Diesel corresponds in terms of power to the expectations of these historical customers," explains Alain Moineau, head of Fenwick's marine business.
The Spanish company also offers complete shaft line systems including propeller, shaft and stern tubes.

Diesel Solé Generator Set on Mitsubishi basis

Construction of the Solé Diesel network

The former distributors, the Salle des Moteurs and previously the Etablissements Duris, remain Solé Diesel agents in their respective territories of the Alpes Maritimes and the Territoire de Belfort. "We will now work to build a network, as we have done in the past," says Alain Moineau.

Expansion of the brand portfolio

While Yanmar offered a wide range of power, Fenwick's new distribution card is more limited. The distributor will therefore seek to expand its portfolio of brands to reach motor boats requiring more powerful engines. "We will look for other brands to complete, but we also continue our other products, with the Tohatsu outboards in particular. Today, they stop at 250 HP, but this could increase in the future and motor boats are going more and more outboard," anticipates Alain Moineau.

Ongoing Yanmar trial

The dispute with Yanmar over the termination of the distribution contract is still being investigated by the arbitration tribunal. As Yanmar is already established in France, the judgment will probably only concern compensation at best for Fenwick.