Storm Adrian, many damages in the marinas in Corsica and Italy

Vessels destroyed, pontoons ripped open and dikes destroyed... Wind and sea have caused heavy damage to marinas in Corsica and north-western Italy. Storm Adrian will have significant financial consequences for the Mediterranean marine industry.

Adrian, a major storm

Corsica, Tuscany and Liguria were hit hard by the Adrian storm on Monday 29 October 2018. Placed on red alert by Météo France, the departments of Haute-Corse and Corse-du-Sud suffered winds reaching 188 km/h in gusts and troughs of several metres. While the human toll is limited to one serious casualty in France, the storm killed 12 people in Italy.

Collection of marine waste in Ajaccio after the Adrian storm

Marinas heavily affected

The coast paid a heavy price for the storm. Many boats have been reported stranded and sunk in marinas and on beaches. Port protection works and dikes were washed away by waves, the effect of which was reinforced by rising sea levels. Pontoons were destroyed.

In Ajaccio, on Wednesday, there was talk of a dozen boats on the seaside promenade and many others damaged. The roads are covered by safety equipment, saddlery and dropped tanks of the boats.

Ajaccio after the Adrian storm

The port of Rapallo in Liguria, where a dike has collapsed, is symbolic of the extent of the damage in Italy, as shown in the video. Many luxury yachts, such as that of Silvio Berlusconi's son, have been pushed to the coast.

Rapallo Port after Storm Adrian

Reconstruction and insurance

Contacted by BoatIndustry, the port authorities are not yet able to draw up a precise figure for the damage, which will probably amount to several hundred thousand euros. Beyond the costs of reconstruction, these violent phenomena in Metropolitan France will surely lead insurers to continue their reflection on climate risk coverage on this side of the Atlantic as we mentioned in our review one year after Hurricane Irma.

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