AAA Marine, a recruitment solution from the aeronautics industry

Laminator in a shipyard

Faced with the recruitment difficulties of the nautical industry, AAA Marine wants to apply its proven methods in aeronautics to yachting. The in-situ work offer is already attracting major boat builders.

Supply of in-situ labour

The AAA Marine company offers on-site work to nautical companies. By providing qualified employees, it brings the necessary technical skills to understaffed shipyards. "The customer buys working hours and we are committed to providing the staff," explains Jean-Pierre Daidone, business manager. The profiles offered by AAA Marine cover all the professions involved in the construction of pleasure boats, from the gelcoater-stratifier to the deck fitter, including the boilermaker welder, the cable electrician, the plumber or the fitter carpenter.

Applying a successful method in aeronautics

AAA Marine's operations are similar to those of an IT service company, which are widely used in the service sector. The company applies this model to the field of production. Depending on the visibility of the customers, the personnel, employed by AAA on a temporary basis or for long term contracts, are made available, or even seconded to the shipyard on a long term basis.
The AAA company, which is successfully active in aircraft manufacturing companies, wants to transfer its know-how to the nautical industry. Already active in yachting for several years on an ad hoc basis at the request of customers, the company launched AAA Marine in 2017 to structure this offer.

Competitive rates

While boating suffers from a less positive image than aeronautics, the issue of wages does not seem to be a problem. "Contrary to what people think, the wage gap is not so great between yachting and aeronautics," reassures Jean-Pierre Daidone. Faced with the shipyards' difficulty in hiring, AAA Marine's offer and its pool of skills from the aeronautics industry remains competitive.

A winning project

While AAA Marine remains discreet about the names of its clients, the company says it already works with some of the big names in the boating industry. "We are mainly present in the 40-foot and over pleasure boat market," explains Jean-Pierre Daidone. Based in Montoir-de-Bretagne, near Nantes, AAA Marine is active throughout the French market, in the Mediterranean as well as in the Atlantic.

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