New Brunswick: Almost 100 patents obtained in 2017

Brunswick Group Boat

Brunswick Group, the world leader in boating, announced 97 patents in 2017. This figure is up sharply, reflecting its investment in research and development.

Record number of patents

The Brunswick Group announced that it had obtained 97 patents in 2017 for all of its boat, marine engine and fitness equipment manufacturing activities. These figures represent an increase of 30% compared to 2016.

Mercury Marine, king of R&D

The marine outboard and inboard engine manufacturer Mercury Marine alone obtained 71 patents. The main protected innovations concern pollutant emissions and engine exhaust, as well as control and maintenance systems, for greater comfort and greater respect for the environment. The Whale brand has also been granted patents on water treatment.

Brunswick's boat division is also acquiring some intellectual property for its new seats and improved equipment storage facilities.

R&D efforts continue

New Brunswick says it continues to invest in innovation. In 2017, the group launched the I-JET Lab on the University of Illinois campus, designed to feed the group's research through the university ecosystem. Researchers will work in particular on the Internet of Things, human-machine interaction and improving the user experience.

"We strongly believe that a significant R&D effort provides a platform to support creativity and innovation across the organization," concludes David Foulkes, Brunswick's vice president of technology.

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