Melges is taking the turn of the motor boat!

Melges Power 26, the first powered Melges

The famous racing yacht builder Melges launches its first motor yacht in 2018. A turn that can be found in many sailing specialists.

The first motor-driven Melges

Melges presented the Melges Power 26 on January 3, 2018. This 26-foot open hull is a first for the American company founded in 1945 which indicates having invested several years of research and development in the Melges Power 26. Prototypes and scale models, as well as full-scale tests, validated the design process. The company says it has involved members of winning America's Cup and Volvo Ocean Race teams in the boat's development. "Our team at Melges is excited to deliver a motor boat that breaks the mould of convention. "says Harry Melges III, CEO of Melges Boat Works. "These boats should be a pleasure to pilot and a pleasure to watch."

A tradition of sailing boats

In more than 70 years, Melges had made a name for itself in the field of high performance sports yachts. Present in the Scow classes, very active in the United States, the Melges 20, 24 and 32 have made the reputation of the manufacturer in the field of sports keelboats. At the end of 2016, the yard had already varied its activity by launching the Melges 40, a 40-foot one-design tilting keel sailboat built in Dubai, the brand's largest model. Melges continues its search for diversification with its new, more accessible motor boat.

A trend among sailboat specialists

While the trend is towards fuel economy and the sailing market remains a niche, more and more manufacturers are transcribing their know-how to make lighter motor boats. We saw the Structures yard, known for its Pogo, launch the Loxo, or the Maxus sailboats launch the Nexus... An evolution that seems to attract more and more manufacturers, and follow the evolution of the customers!