CarenEcolo delivers its 1st mobile fairing station

First sale for CarenEcolo and its concept of a mobile fairing water treatment unit. A principle that appeals to marinas, shipyards and even beyond yachting, by meeting regulatory requirements.

A refit area for the Pays d'Iroise

At the end of July 2017, CarenEcolo delivered a mobile refit station to the Communautť de Communes du Pays d'Iroise. The unit, which can be deployed at several sites, will be used to clean pleasure boats in the region. For the company, created in February 2015 and which has 3 employees, this is the first delivery, whereas the marketing started less than a year ago.

Adaptable offers

CarenEcolo offers two types of products :

  • a mobile unit, where the fairing is carried out on a tarpaulin temporarily deployed on a hold or a median and lined with an inflatable section.
  • a semi-fixed unit, consisting of a work area based on aluminium plates assembled and covered with a rubber mat glued for sealing. A sausage closes the perimeter. The structure can still be dismantled and does not require any civil engineering work.

Each area is accompanied by a containerised system integrating the pumps and filters for cleaning the fairing water. The first prize is 39 500 Ä HT.

For GaŽtan Fouquet, founder of CarenEcolo, these basic offers make it possible to adapt to many demands. "We're often contacted for 18-legged sheep! As for the size of the vessels treated, there is no technical limitation."

Despite requests, CarenEcolo cannot offer its system for rent. "With the seasonality of the fairing, we would need a fleet of over 100 machines and the technicians who go with them. It's not yet feasible on our scale."

Treatment trailer

A variety of potential clients

GaŽtan Fouquet has identified two types of clients in the boating industry, which he estimates each represents half of the market. Institutional and small marinas can find in CarenEcolo a more flexible solution than a traditional fairing area and whose limited investment can be shared between several coastal municipalities. Small shipyards save themselves a lot of work while offering a new service to their customers. Boat deconstruction service providers are also interested.

Apart from yachting, the dismantling of oil platforms and the industrial or agricultural sectors see applications there.

A favourable regulatory environment

The development of CarenEcolo responds to the needs of stakeholders in the boating industry in the face of tougher regulations on water. Its mobile character, without preliminary work, limits the administrative requests and allows its installation in floodable zone or on the maritime public domain. The increase in controls pushes municipalities to equip themselves, as GaŽtan Fouquet explains. "Every time you get a fine in a port, you get a phone call within two days for a quote." There is no doubt that CarenEcolo's refit areas should therefore attract new marinas...