Zodiac relies on leasing to boost sales

Semi-rigid Zodiac

Zodiac launches its online semi-rigid rental platform. A promotional and development tool for its Zodiac, Bombard and Avon brands, and an effective platform for its dealers.

A real-time rental platform

The Zodiac Location site is becoming a real real-time boat rental platform, just like Renault Rent for the car. With the technical assistance of Hey Captain, Zodiac Nautic offers all its dealers and all rental bases with Zodiac, Bombard or Avon semi-rigid boats to rent their boats on the website, up to 5 minutes before departure. Payment is made online and receipt of the rental contract is instantaneous following payment.

The appearance on the site is free of charge for renters. Financing is provided by a commission on each lease, divided between Zodiac Nautic and Hey Captain.

All winners on SEO

For many French people, Zodiac is still a synonym for semi-rigid, and the search for "zodiac rental" on the internet is very important. The objective for the brand is therefore to perpetuate the image and ensure that its dealers benefit from Zodiac's very good e-referencing on search engines.

Stimulate sales

Multi-brand rental bases are also accepted on the Zodiac Location website. On the other hand, only boats of the Zodiac, Bombard or Avon brands will be offered to boaters. The group's objective is to convince boat rental companies to increase the proportion of Zodiac boats in their fleet.

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