Sailing, what autumn boat shows to discover new products?

Cannes Yachting Festival

There are more than 30 new yachts presented during the autumn fairs at the Yachting Festival and Grand Pavois. But where to see these boats, Cannes or La Rochelle? And how do the building sites choose the place of presentation? Small numerical study to understand the positioning of these two shows.

We were interested in putting together a list of the new sails presented during the autumn shows. Thus we have listed the new yachts that will use the Cannes Yachting Festival (6 to 11 September 2016) and those that will be present at the Grand Pavois in La Rochelle (28 September to 3 October 2016).

We then ranked these new products in order of size. And weirdly - or not! - the large units (over 13.00 m) are all presented in Cannes. The smaller ones are planned for La Rochelle.

In the eyes of shipyards and visitors, Cannes remains a show marked Grande Plaisance, in the field of the motor boat but also that of the sailboat.

Salon du Grand-Pavois à La Rochelle

Another trend shows that the yards can no longer present boats in each of the 2 shows (even for the most important of them). This autumn 2016, only the Dehler 34 will be visible in Cannes and La Rochelle. It must be said that the boat was launched in July in order to undergo the first tests and trials before being presented in a proven version to the general public.

This finding clearly shows the positioning of these two shows and their customers. This orientation has been clearly identified over the years and shows once again that these exhibitions are not competitors but complementary.

List of new yachts for the Cannes and La Rochelle 2016 shows

Length Model Lounge
2,33 Optipon La Rochelle
4,50 IFly 15 La Rochelle
5,50 Scow FR18 La Rochelle
5,50 Aloes 18 La Rochelle
6,45 XO Racer La Rochelle
7,92 Easy To Fly La Rochelle
8,00 Tröll 26 La Rochelle
8,20 Code# La Rochelle
9,80 Ofcet 32 La Rochelle
10,57 RM 9.70 La Rochelle
10,70 Dehler34 La Rochelle and Cannes
11,98 Cordova 40 La Rochelle
12,46 Django 12.70 La Rochelle
12,50 X-4 Cannes
13,50 JPK 45 Fast Cruiser La Rochelle
14,35 Solaris 47 Cannes
14,98 Sense 51 Cannes
15,38 Jeanneau Yacht 51 Cannes
15,50 Azuree 41 Cannes
16,30 Dufour 56 Exclusive Cannes
16,45 EOS 54C La Rochelle
17,28 Jeanneau Yacht 58 Cannes
17,50 Code 2 Cannes
17,50 Big Sun 58 Cannes
17,70 Wauquiez Pilot Saloon 58 Cannes
17,78 Sense 57 Cannes
18,68 Catana 62 Cannes
19,07 Océanis Yacht 62 Cannes
20,50 Sunreef Suprem 68 Sailing Cannes
21,00 Hanse 675 Cannes
23,28 Lagoon Seventy 7 Cannes
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