Despierres Shipyard gets a new lease on life

Nicolas Chanteloup, buyer of the Despierres shipyard

Nicolas Chanteloup took over the Despierres shipyard in La Rochelle this spring. Development and hiring as a result.

An opportunity to seize

Nicolas Chanteloup, 37 years old from La Rochelle, has been passionate about sailing and boats for a long time. Engineer by training, commercial framework in import-export, it is during the restoration of his own sailboat, a wooden yawl of 1933, classified Historic Monument, the Saint-Anne III, that he is trained to the marine framework. Helped by professionals on the big works, he acquires the techniques and then launches into the trade in auto-enterprise.

When he hears about the sale by its owner Daniel Despierres, eager to retire, of the eponymous shipyard, specialized in the traditional marine framework for pleasure craft and professional boats, he seizes the opportunity.

Transfer and maintenance of know-how

Accompanied administratively and financially by the Entreprendre network, he sets up his takeover file. Faced with candidates, most often interested in the premises and the strategic location on the nautical plateau of La Rochelle, his offer, which continues the traditional marine carpentry activity by taking over wood, machinery and employees, attracted Daniel Despierres. In addition, it allows the transmission to a young entrepreneur.

Development and hiring

Nicolas Chanteloup already benefits from a good network in the rocky environment of the wooden boat and intends to develop the activity of the Despierres shipyard. Since the recovery in the spring, the order book has been well filled. The workforce has already grown from 3 to 6 people.

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