Tiwal celebrates its 500th boat delivered

500 inflatable dinghies delivered. An opportunity to take stock of Tiwal's development. Market, prospects and developments.

500 Tiwal 3.2 in less than 4 years

Tiwal, founded in 2012 by Marion Excoffon and Emmanuel Bertrand, today celebrates the delivery of the 500th Tiwal 3.2. This inflatable dinghy, which fits in the trunk of a car, has been an undeniable success in the space of 4 years. Sales have doubled in recent months.

Manufacturing control

The boats are fully assembled in the company's premises in Vannes. As an assembler, Tiwal has designed and had the parts made to its plans by various subcontractors, such as the aluminium structure where it chooses each participant for cutting, drilling, anodising... It is thus able to control the quality of the finished product as well as possible.

If the float is produced in China, the aluminium structure and rudder are made in Brittany.

An international clientele

Tiwal's turnover reached 1 million euros in 2015, 65% of which was exported. The company has representatives in many countries and a subsidiary in the United States since 2014. In view of the good results in the United States, Marion Excoffon tells us that structuring the offer and developing the US market will be one of the priorities for 2017.

New markets

While today's users are mainly private individuals, new trends are emerging. Tiwal has supplied several dinghies for yachts wishing to offer a small sailboat to its charter passengers as entertainment at anchor. Tiwal, the inflatable toy for your yacht, information that circulates and regularly brings in new customers.

Another area of development for Tiwal is sailing schools, which are an opportunity that is being studied. The UCPA will offer the boat this summer at its Bombannes centre (33). Feedback will be valuable in defining the business strategy and any necessary technical adaptations.

New boat by 2018

A second model should complete the offer by 2018. To be continued...

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