Neel 51, fewer parts for more boats

With its new 51-foot trimaran, the Neel shipyard is optimising its manufacturing method to reduce costs and production times.

Fewer parts

For his new model, Neel reduces the number of parts. While the deck, beams and each hull are produced separately on the 45-footer, the new Neel 51 will have a limited number of parts, including the deck being produced in one go. This will limit the number of joints, saving time and improving the quality of the finish. The result for the yard is a significant improvement in productivity.

Weapons workshop

Infusion construction

Launched on the last 45 feet, the infusion construction will be generalized on the new model, approaching the standards of series construction.

Price comparable to a catamaran

The objective of this rationalization of production is obviously to allow a more aggressive commercial positioning. With these evolutions, the saving in labour costs allows the Neel 51 to be offered at 587,000 euros HT in the basic version and in a ready-to-navigate configuration at around 650,000 euros HT. The new trimaran is now accessible with a budget comparable to a catamaran of the same size.

Saddlery area

Pursuing a process of industrialization

While Neel invested its new premises on the nautical plateau of La Rochelle in February 2015, the company is gradually moving towards greater industrialisation. Initially an integrator using the resources of various subcontractors, such as Techni-Yacht Pinta, Chantier Hervé or Naval Force 3, Neel now positions itself as a fully-fledged shipyard, bringing together all the trades, from composite manufacturing to saddlery and joinery.

A second hall of 2000 m² is available for future developments of the company. That is to say if the ambition of the construction site does not stop at 51 feet.

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