RM 970, a new model that naturally fits into the range

At first glance, the new RM 970 looks like an RM. And that's the goal, explains Martin Lepoutre, head of the RM Fora Marine shipyard, who has just announced this new product.

The RM shipyard has just published images of its future model: the RM 970. This model should be presented at the Autumn 2016 trade fairs.

To discover the first images, we are in the presence of an RM nothing more. But what does this model bring to the range? To find out, we interviewed Martin Lepoutre, site manager.

"I don't mind if we find it's one more RM. Indeed, we have worked to remain consistent with the lineage of all RMs. The 970 therefore takes the same line as all the others. It is in the detail, on the side of the hidden face, that we will notice evolutions".

Indeed, the line of this RM 970 is similar to that of its brothers. Only the front window, the one that offers a forward view when you're inside, changes a little bit, winning "two cat's ears. The side windows also have a tighter line. Inside, we also followed the design of the 1270 with bright white and modern anthracite grey."

On the architectural side, this sailboat, still designed by the Marc Lombard firm, shows a very high brion to reduce the flat waterline and increase it at the list. "This should increase planning capacity and improve performance. We have opted for a hull shape inspired by the Mini 6.50 and Imoca. What you can't see on the drawings is that the bow is wide, very round."

"This boat has been designed to fill a gap in the range and meet the expectations of customers looking for an intermediate sailboat, bigger than the 890 and smaller than the 1070. The new 970 will have a closed aft cabin and an open forward cabin (Breton bed). In the 890, both cabins are open while on the 1070, both cabins are closed."

Of course, this sailboat will be built - like the whole range - in epoxy plywood with 2 bilges, with a steel structure to receive the keel(s) and an epoxy sandwich deck. It will be available in monosafran double keel (probably the biggest sales) or with a fixed keel and two rudders. The two-shell version remains, as always, unsuccessful.

As a standard price, this sailboat is advertised at 144,000 TTC (excluding sails). It will take between 170,000 and 180,000 euros to have a sailboat equipped and ready to sail.

While it still exists only in the form of drawings, the RM yard has already received 4 firm orders for this new model. It is even thought that François Gabart, personal owner of an RM 890, is already looking at this new model...

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