Sailing clubs: FFVoile unveils its first study of the impact of the health crisis

What activity for sailing clubs during and after confinement?

With a partial reopening of sailing clubs on the horizon, the French Sailing Federation has published the results of the survey it conducted among its affiliated structures during the containment period. Employment, activity, cash flow... First estimation of the consequences of the coronavirus on the sailing ecosystem.

Sailing clubs in slow motion, but not at rest

In order to draw up a panorama of the situation of the French sailing ecosystem, the French Sailing Federation (FFVoile) contacted all the structures affiliated to the national institution during the month of April. Among the 1063 entities contacted by telephone: sailing clubs, nautical bases, municipal structures and independent workers, 76% of them responded. More than a third indicated that they had ceased all activity. Among the remaining 63%, pursuing a partial activity, the animation of the associative life is the first priority. Some clubs (10 to 30%) also devote themselves to managing the calendar and competitions.

Executive and sailing instructors on short-time work

The FFVoile study highlights the figure of 2800 jobs directly supported by 489 structures. 66% of the respondents indicated that they are on partial or total unemployment. If more than 3/4 of the sailing clubs anticipate a loss of turnover in 2020, they also believe that a large majority of them have the financial means to cope with the short-term period. The average cash flow of the clubs is estimated at 1.9 months.

Fewer licensed boaters in 2020

The Federation should also be impacted financially. Licensing revenue will decline in 2020. 49% of clubs expect a drop in the number of licensees, on average by 25%. The FFVoile has already sent out a call to all licensees to renew their membership quickly to support the clubs.

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