Train its staff well to keep up with the changes in the boating clientele

In a society where use takes precedence over ownership (you want to go boating, but you don't have to own it), professionals must be reactive, agile and flexible. Every yachtsman wants to enjoy his property, and the slightest technical problem can become a source of conflict.

Learn how to reassure future boaters

Too often, boating professionals tend to use technical terms to talk about the boat and its equipment which can repel the prospect. Learning to speak the customer's language can only reassure him and put him in a favourable frame of mind, all the more so if sales and technical staff are able to use the same terms: unity is strength.

Controlling your competitive environment

Acquiring a boat is often the culmination of a lifetime. All boaters wish to have the best boat with the latest equipment. Knowing one's own products and those of the competition allows one to respond well to objections in order to better promote one's own products. Learning from the competition allows you to enhance your value.

Se former pour être concurrentiel

Diagnose before repairing

Having a staff trained in the different technologies to diagnose and maintain in perfect state of use responds to the new mode of consumption. Some nautical professions have understood this and regularly offer specific technical diagnostic training. The aim is to locate the defect without dismantling, in order to react in the best possible way by optimising the time spent at the time of dismantling.

For manufacturers, the advantages of relying on a trained network are manifold:

  • consumer satisfaction
  • improvement in quality
  • loyalty.

Share your experiences

More original, some manufacturers of nautical equipment offer their distribution network to share their after-sales service experiences on their dedicated website. This speeds up communication and allows for continuous training. Sharing is also training.

The training exists in various forms or formulas, where all the professionals of the nautical industry are able to be actors.

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