USafe: A drone - motorized lifebuoy

Bouee USafe

The USafe UAV won the 2019 DAME Award. Presentation of this motorized lifebuoy which aims to improve the safety of sailors, both professionals and pleasure boaters.

A motorized lifebuoy

At METSTrade 2019, USafe presented an innovation for safety at sea that won over the DAME Award jurors. Resembling a cross between a crown lifebuoy and a hydrospeed, this new safety equipment, remotely controlled, allows the recovery of boaters or swimmers in difficulty. Self-propelled and remotely controlled, the UAV offers support to the person fallen into the water that the pilot can then bring back safely.

Rescuing the boater quickly

Equipped with two thrusters and a battery-operated electric motor, the USafe buoy can reach a maximum speed of 15 km/h for 30 minutes. It weighs 13 kg with its equipment.

The propellers and their water intakes, housed in the 2 arms of the USafe buoy, work in both directions. An internal sensor reverses the direction of rotation if the buoy is overturned by a wave. Fully integrated, the propellers do not present any danger to the rescued person.

Two pairs of handles allow the rescued person to hold on tightly.

A slot in the buoy holder holds the remote control, equipped with a simple joystick. Its inductive recharging avoids any connection error and ensures that it is charged in case of emergency.

Use from land or boat

The USafe buoy has been designed for several types of use. From the ground, it can be remotely controlled by rescuers to reach a swimmer in difficulty as quickly as possible. Installed on the balcony of a large pleasure boat or on professional installations such as oil platforms or wind turbines, it allows the person fallen overboard to be recovered.

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