In a Word / Boating life: BigShip, Lycée Maritime Cherbourg, Belem, VPLP, MARIN

Things are happening in the boating industry! A look back at the latest news from yachting professionals. The news flashes of October 11, 2019.

Collaborative project on foils

The MARIN Institute, specialist in hydrodynamics, announced during the Monaco Yacht Show the launch of a collaborative project around foils. Its objective is to design foils profiles for use in small professional vessels and in pleasure boating, with a particular focus on instability phenomena. MARIN appeals to interested yachting partners.

BigShip Launches Expanded Delivery Offer

The BigShip deck equipment network is expanding its delivery offer. After Click and Collect, allowing online purchase and collection in store, the central office offers pontoon delivery. Inaugurated in La Rochelle, the service allows the yachtsman to be delivered free of charge on his boat by the team of the local shop.

New Captain 200 training in Cherbourg

At the request of Normandy's nautical professionals, the Cherbourg Maritime High School is opening a Captain 200 training course. The course, funded by the Nomandie Region, starts on 2 December 2019. It includes a regional add-on module to "respond to the specificities of Normandy and today's practices".

The Belem changes operator

Owned by the Belem Foundation, the famous Nantes three-masted ship Belem has been managed and equipped by the Nantes shipping company since 1979. The management of the ship and crew changes hands. It is now provided by ST Management's Bordeaux office, as of December 1, 2019.

VPLP is going to design its first commercial sailboat

The naval architecture firm VPLP, famous in yachting and ocean racing, has been campaigning for several years to apply its innovations to merchant ships. The OceanWings rigid sail, which he has developed over the last few years, will find its first application in a cargo ship designed to transport parts for the Ariane rocket.

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