Torqeedo recalls batteries from its outboard electric motors

Torqeedo recalls batteries of electric outboard motors

The boat electric motor manufacturer Torqeedo has detected a defect on some of its batteries. He launched a recall on the products concerned.

Leakage on Torqeedo batteries

The leader of the electric motor for recreational boats Torqeedo has discovered a defect on some of its batteries. The German manufacturer explains that some of the batteries in its Travel and Ultralight portable outboard motor models have leaks in the housing and risk of leakage or penetration of seawater, resulting in safety problems. " Water infiltration into the housing can, under adverse conditions, cause a chemical reaction inside the battery housing, and subsequently cause a fire and/or burst of the battery housing. There is a risk of injury! "says Torqeedo on its website.

Recall of the batteries concerned

Faced with the possible consequences, Torqeedo announced the recall of the batteries concerned. For Travel outboard motors, these are serial numbers 1001 to 1752 and for Ultralight type 1 and type 2 models, serial numbers 1117 to 1826. Boaters with engines are invited to register on the Torqeedo site to be contacted by the nearest technical centre for a safety check.

As electric motors are developing in the yachting industry, this safety alert highlights the challenges and risks inherent in the coexistence of seawater and electricity. While it should not be an obstacle to the development of this alternative to internal combustion engines, it is a useful reminder, but one that remains far from the accidents observed a few years ago on some of the first electric boats.

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