A new sailmaker training course in September 2019


A training programme for sailmakers will be launched. Patrice Guérin, in charge of the program, explains his genesis and ambitions to us before the open house on March 8 and 9.

Training to make the sails of boats

The vocational school of Roz Glas, in Quimperlé, Finistère, will open in September 2019 an additional training course for polyvalent sailboat workers. Accessible to holders of a Bac Pro Métiers de la mode et du vêtement and available in Parcoursup, it combines theoretical training, such as computer-aided design or technical English, general knowledge of rigging and sails and practical experience in the manufacture of sailboat wardrobes. The 20 weeks at school are completed by 16 weeks in a sailmaker.

An opportunity for sewing specialists

"Our students from the Roz Glas vocational high school in the fashion and clothing sector do numerous internships in companies. Some have gone to sailmakers where the process is quite similar to clothing, from CAD to printing, cutting, assembly, finishing or quality control. By making the internship assessment visits with the sailmakers, we noticed that there was a crying need for staff on the floor," explains Patrice Guérin, the establishment's director of professional training.

Versatile master sailboats necessary for companies

The training programme was launched after a survey of the fifty or so Breton sailmakers. While the Ateliers de l'Enfer in Douarnenez, which are more oriented towards adults and traditional sailing, offer a first recruitment pool, they are not enough. Companies are still facing hiring difficulties. "There are 2 profiles on the floors of the sailmakers: textile and sewing workers who are trained on the job to the specificities of sailing and others from the water sports who learn sewing on the floor. The positions are also very fixed. When an employee in drawing is absent, the one on the floor cannot replace her. However, the staff is very volatile. The idea is to develop versatility for better personnel management," observes Patrice Guérin.

Partnerships have been established with sailmakers such as North Sails, All Purpose, Le Bihan Voiles or Sails Solution.

Open House

Interested students can find out more at the Roz Glas High School open house on March 8 and 9, 2019.

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