Special Edition / Tides Marine, a robust and economical alternative to mainsail trolleys

Installation of a Tides Marine mast groove

The Tides Marine mast grooves allow the mainsail to be lowered and lowered with a minimum of effort. An alternative product to mast carts, robust and economical, to be offered to the ever-increasing number of boaters sailing alone or with a reduced crew.

Minimize friction by hoisting the mainsail

Nautex distributes the American Tides Marine system in France. It is a polypropylene groove system with stainless steel slides. The low friction between the two materials allows a limited effort when sending the mainsail and a fast lowering, comparable to ball trolleys. "The product is unanimously accepted by people who sail solo or in pairs, as on the Transquadra's sailing boats. "enthuses Florian Foglietti, director of Nautex. "It takes less effort to hoist the mainsail and you can lower it to angles close to downwind. "Particularly suitable for sailboats from 30 to 45 feet, the Tides Marine system can be installed on monohulls up to 50 feet and multihulls up to 40 feet.

Robust, reliable and affordable

The Tides Marine mast groove system is particularly robust, thanks to its limited number of parts and the use of well-controlled materials. The absence of bearings, balls and fixing screws on the mast avoids the risk of mechanical damage inherent in the traditional solution of mainsail trolleys on a rail fixed to the mast. "As I say, it is a more technical product than marketing, an agricultural system that works well! "says Florian Foglietti.

Offered at a public price of 162 ?/m including VAT, including the rail and slides without the installation, the Tides Marine system is competitive on the market.

Easy to install

Tides Marine grooves are delivered directly to the dimension after the installer has taken measurements. Simply insert the profile into the existing mast groove and follow the manual provided. Nautex indicates that the complete operation, which can be performed by a single person, takes between 2 and 3 hours to complete, plus the time required to take the preliminary measurement. It is not necessary to dismantle and can be installed without the help of a professional.

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