Galaxy Infl8, an inflatable VHF antenna for emergency situations

Inflatable VHF antenna Galaxy Infl8

The manufacturer of VHF antennas and electronic equipment Shakespeare Marine is launching its Galaxy Infl8 model. An inflatable and more powerful alternative to the VHF emergency antennas on the market.

Award-winning VHF antenna at METS Trade

Shakespeare Marine, a British company, designs and markets antennas and communication equipment for the yachting and commercial marine industries. Its latest innovation, the Galaxy Infl8 model, an inflatable VHF emergency antenna, has just won the DAME Design Award in the "Rescue and Safety Equipment" category at METS Trade 2018.

An antenna more powerful than the competition

The Galaxy Infl8 VHF antenna developed by Shakespeare Marine is a 3dB model, 1.6 meters long. According to the manufacturer, its range is 3 times greater than that of the VHF emergency antennas on the market, of the helical type. A connector, supplied with the product, allows its range to be further extended by connecting the device to the radio cables available on board.

Easy storage with security equipment

The inflation system makes the Galaxy Infl8 antenna very easy to store with the rest of the safety and emergency equipment. Only 250 mm are required.
A hook and straps allow the antenna to be fixed, for use in all weathers.
The manual inflation valve makes the Galaxy Infl8 antenna durable and reusable.

More visibility for the yachtsman in distress

Beyond its radio and communication function, the VHF antenna ensures the visibility of the navigator in difficulty. With its fluorescent yellow colour and reflective stripes, the 1.6 m high antenna makes it easier for boaters to spot on the water, day and night.

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