Olbia, a developer with experience in travel boats

Installation of a travel sailboat at the Olbia shipyard in Gujan-Mestras

Capable of carrying out the entire layout of a boat, Olbia Shipyard has recognised technical know-how in furniture, saddlery and beyond. Its reputation, particularly in travel boats, makes it a good partner for shipbuilders and naval architects.

An expert in travel boat fittings

Now based in Gujan-Mestras on the shores of the Arcachon basin, Olbia Shipyard has 30 years of experience in boat building. As a showcase for the construction site, the New World, a model marketed by the company, should not make us forget its partnerships with other renowned professionals in the construction of travel sailing yachts, such as Méta. This history and his knowledge of the complete manufacturing process of furniture on board a sailboat make him a reference in this very specific nautical market.

Adjustment of boat layout at Olbia shipyard

A contact person for naval architects

Long-distance shipping projects generally arise from a discussion between a naval architect and a yachtsman. When it comes to starting construction, the designer does not always want to get involved in complex site management. Olbia can then position itself as a prime contractor and become a single point of contact for naval architects and yachtsmen. The company chooses its partners while keeping control of the interior equipment.

Adjustment of boat layout at Olbia shipyard

From the original project to the refurbishment and refit

In demand for sailboats and motorboats, Olbia shipyard knows how to respond to requests outside the beaten track. "We have just worked on an original balsa wood interior, for example," says Hakim Rahmoun, manager of Olbia. "We also do boat upgrades and more extensive refits to improve ergonomics, or change the floors. People are now looking for lighter interiors, so we also change varnishes and paints."

Saddlery workshop on the Olbia site

An internal saddlery workshop

Olbia also manufactures all its upholstery in-house. The company is part of the Sunbrella Marine Partner and Ferrari Premium Partner networks. In particular, it produces shade covers and protective covers for shipyards such as the manufacturer of high-end motor boats Couach.

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