Lumitec awarded for its flexible and easy-to-install boat lighting

Lumitec Moray Flex Light

The boat lighting specialist Lumitec received a DAME Award for its Moray Flex Light linear lighting system. A flexible and fully integrated system to facilitate installation by shipyards, while preserving aesthetics.

Flexible multicoloured lighting for inside or outside the boat

The DAME Award 2019 was presented to the American company Lumitec for its new Moray Flex Light linear lighting system. This flexible strip provides multi-colour RGBW lighting. It thus makes it possible to adapt to the curves of the boat, whether it is the cockpit of an open hull or the shapes of the cabin of a motoryacht or a sailboat. It offers a brightness of 237 lumens in white, while allowing colorful mood lights.

Easy to install

The Moray Flex Light distinguishes itself from other strip lights on the market by the complete integration of power control and management. The driver is internal, as is the color control. The installer simply connects the 2 DC electrical wires to a standard switch. The solution saves manpower time and money for the shipyard and simplifies the boat's electrical system.

The lights can be placed in different places on the boat. Waterproof and IP67 rated, Moray Flex Light strips can be mounted outdoors on a console or cockpit bench. They are available in 4 lengths from 915 mm to 3658 mm.

The yachtsman can also control the lighting from a multi-function screen on board, his phone or tablet, through the Poco Digital Lighting control system developed by Lumitec.

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