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Carole Bourlon of Eurolarge Innovations speaks at Sail Inn Pro Forum

Things are happening in the boating industry! A look back at the latest news from yachting professionals. The news briefs of March 6, 2018.

Privilège Marine, 1st catamaran of the Hanseatic era

Privilège Marine has announced the launch on February 20, 2018 of a Series 5 sailing catamaran. This is the first boat to be fully built since the Vendée shipyard passed under the flag of the German Aurelius Group, also owner of the Hanse Yachts Group, in May 2017.

New Brunswick, fully independent marine activities

The American group Brunswick, the world's leading yachting industrialist, is reorganising. He announced the creation of an independent company FitnessCo which will regroup its activities related to fitness and outdoor equipment. Brunswick is refocusing on its marine branch. Brunswick's marine division includes 14 boat brands and outboard motor manufacturer Mercury Marine. It had sales of $3.5 billion in 2017.

Nanni Diesel on board in Multi 50

The French engine manufacturer Nanni Diesel has been chosen by Thibaut Vauchel-Camus to equip its trimaran Multi 50, Solidaires en Peloton ARSEP. He will deliver a marinized block of the N4.38 engine, developed with the skipper's technical team.

VMG Yacht Design and Ino Rope join forces

The Swiss from VMG Yacht Design and the Bretons from Ino Rope have concluded a commercial and technical agreement. The two companies specialising in innovative fittings, known for their screw-on friction rings and textile shaft pulleys, will work together to develop new products.

1st edition of the Sail Inn Pro

Since 2014, Sail In organizes in Bilbao a meeting for the general public for sailing enthusiasts, through conferences, screenings and exhibitions. In 2018, a professional day was added, the Sail Inn Pro. The forum, which brought together an international platform, aims to develop the network of sailing professionals in the Basque Country and beyond.

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